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Sunday Mornings

Communion Service 10am
Each Sunday morning we meet for worship, to take communion, teaching, and a time to meet with (and make new) friends. A crèche is available and there are activities for children and young people of different age groups. Refreshments are served after service.

Family Service 10am
Once a month (usually the first Sunday – see Future events for details) we have a service geared to all age groups; a crèche is also available.
Refreshments served after service.

Sunday Evenings

We meet at 6.30pm at Tate Road for ENCOUNTER, with worship and a time to allow God to speak to us.



What should I expect?

Our services are informal and usually start with a time of worship led by a band of musicians, and end with a talk (sermon) addressing some aspect of the life of the Christian.
The morning services usually include a time of Communion (i.e. taking bread and “wine” in remembrance of Jesus’ death and sacrifice for us).

There are times of personal and corporate prayer, with opportunities for prayer for healing of the sick.

An offering bag is passed around to allow regular attenders to give to the work of the church – you are not required to give anything so feel free to let the bag pass by.

There are often personal life-changing stories of God at work in our lives. We do not have a dress code and dress informally.

Length of service
The Communion Service usually lasts for 1 ¾ - 2 hours, whereas the Family Service is usually much shorter, around 1 ¼ hours, with time at the end for refreshments and chat. During the summer holidays the service is usually around 1 ½ hours long as there are no children’s activities during the August services.

If you are a visitor to the church we are very keen to make your experience as enjoyable as possible! If you do have any questions, any of the Stewards or Leaders would be happy to help you.