A collection of talks and teaching given at Sutton Christian Centre.

The Armour of God

20th October 2019
Put on all of God's armour to be well protected from the attacks life often brings.

The Shield of Faith

13th October 2019
Put on a vital part of God's armour - the shield of Faith.

Feeding the Five Thousand

6th October 2019
God blesses our small offerings to achieve more than we could ever do.

First Love

29th September 2019
Restore you first love. Put God first ahead of life's distractions.
God's kindness provides and guarantees us eternal life that is totally based on his grace and promises.
Life is based on relationships. Right relationships provide the foundation for living a God fulfilled life.

God is so good

8th September 2019
God is good. All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Rom 8:28

Fulfilling Potential

1st September 2019
Explore the life God has for you in full to fulfill your potential.

Irrational fears

18th August 2019
Dealing with irrational fears.

Remembering the sacrifice

11th August 2019
Jesus celebrated passover by asking his disciples to take communion in remembrance of his once for all sacrifice to save humanity.