Sutton Christian Centre has a thriving youth work ‘SCC YTH’


Our vision is to see young people develop outstanding character as they get to know Jesus for themselves and that they all grow as young leaders to benefit and bless those around them.

Our vision for the young people at Sutton Christian Centre is to encourage each of them to know God personally and learn how to continually deepen that relationship. Together we look at practical ways to apply and ground God’s wise words into our everyday life.

Our youth meetings on Sunday mornings are aimed at 11-18 year olds. It provides a safe and fun environment to explore knowing God, asking faith questions and encouraging each other along the way. We join with the rest of the church for worship and communion, before heading off to play games, eat chocolate and learn about God.

Leader: Youth Team
Where:  Church Office
When:   Sundays from about 11am

20’s & 30’s
Sutton Christian Centre has an ever-growing community of young adults.

We meet most Thursdays in and around various locations in the Sutton area. We have loads of banter, random games, free thinking, Bible studies in bars, sports, activities, socials and often attend various events together.

We lovingly dialogue and discuss everything from peace to predestination. There is no taboo topic and everyone is always welcome. We are very fluid in how we function, as we journey towards Jesus together.

Where: Various (please contact)
When:  Most Thursday evenings